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Real Estate Closings 

Our office generally acts as a neutral party in residential real estate closings bringing together the buyer and seller while coordinating with the lender, if any. Selecting the right person to handle your closing is important.  While title companies are licensed to close real estate transactions given that the most expensive part of the closing; the title insurance, is state regulated, why not have an attorney involved for the same exact cost?


Who selects the closing company is a matter of contract. 

Customarily in Palm Beach County the Seller selects while in Broward County, the Buyer selects.  The person who selects the title company pays the bulk of the title company's fees. As you are paying the charges, the selection of the title company is your choice.  You should check what any companies TOTAL fees are as you have a right to shop for title services.   Also, what services is the company providing?  


Will – and more importantly 

CAN - they help you if a problem arises?

  CLOSING FEES:    - the fees are all inclusive for a regular in office signing of documents; there are no separate wire fees, courier fees, document scanning fees, or any other “whatever” fees.

       Seller – Closing Fee                    $ 525.00

       Buyer  - Closing Fee, Cash         $ 225.00

       Buyer – Closing Fee, Mortgage  $ 825.00 (provided no special or rush lender requests)



The Seller must also reimburse the office for the costs incurred for the municipal lien/water search, title search and association estoppel letters at actual cost.    


The Buyer must guarantee payment of the survey and the municipal lien/permit search if our office orders these items.


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