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Real Estate Attorney Representation

These fees are based upon my being retained initially prior to contract execution or shortly after contract execution for clients who are working with a Realtor. If I am not involved from the inception and am called in when a problem arises then my fee is higher and must be discussed. If you are not working with a Realtor the fees are higher as there is a great deal more work required by me and my office.

​These fees may be reduced (or eliminated) if you are also paying for title insurance and my office handles the closing and issues the title insurance policies




​These fees represent the work involved in a "typical" transaction with a Realtor involved. I will honor these fees for all non-litigation/non-mediation services when I am retained at contract inception.

Fees are paid when we sign the representation letter.  If the file cancels due to an inspection problem ½ of the fee is refunded.  Costs for lien and permit searches are additional and based on where the property is located.

                                          Cash                              Obtaining a Mortgage

Normal Sale                   $ 1,000                                   $ 1,500

​Short Sale                      $ 1,200                                   $ 1,700

​Foreclosure                    $ 1,300                                   $ 1,800



My basic fee for representing a seller in Broward County is $600 when I am retained at contract inception. If there are complex title issues, the fee will depend on the work involved in clearing the issues.   I will meet with you after hours to sign the documents and handle the closing for you on closing day so that you are least inconvenienced.

In Broward County a seller usually pays $350- $500 (and I have seen even more) for document preparation to the Buyer's selected title company which you do not pay when represented by an attorney that prepares the closing documents.  In other words, I am almost free. 


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